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It was February 23, 1892 a man woke in the patent office of Berlin and got the patent number 67207. His idea was about an internal combustion engine, where the ignition of fuel is caused by the elevated temperature of the air in the cylinder due to mechanical compression. That man was Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel and his idea was the Diesel engine.

FIRAD has been working on the injection diesel field than 50 years, with a range of 2500 different products for the automotive sector. Our products can be used on many different types of engine like classic engine with the indirect injection technology to the newest ones such as:

  • Common Rail ®
  • UIS® (Unit Injector System)
  • UPS® (Unit Pump System)
  • Piezoelectric Common Rail ®

FIRAD has a wide range of products for the major manufacturers like: Bosch®, Continental®, Denso®, Delphi®, Siemens VDO®

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