Quality assurance & environment policy

The growth of the developing countries and the worldwide economic situation of the last ten years, led FIRAD to develop a new quality assurance and environment policy, not focused on high volume and low-quality products, but on the contrary more focused on a product with a high technological content, symbol of what “Made in Italy” means.

For FIRAD “Grow” means innovations, continuously investing on equipment and on the edge technology, that allow to us to make top notch products with the lowest environment impact, with the final goal of increasing our customer satisfaction.

The Management Team will show leadership and commitment, and bear the responsibility for establishing, and maintaining the Quality and Environment Management System.

FIRAD is committed to ensure:

  • This policy provides a framework for setting environmental and quality objectives
  • We maintain a commitment to continually improve and enhance our quality and environmental performance through our integrated management system.  This will be achieved through our objectives and targets created to ensure intended outcomes are met.
  • We are committed to the protection of the environment, including prevention of pollution, fulfil the company’s compliance obligations and other specific commitments relevant to the context of the organization. 
  • We profitably deliver products that meet statutory, regulatory and other applicable requirements including customer satisfaction.
  • We maximize business opportunities where possible by identifying risk of internal and external factors and evaluating them with a Risk-Based Thinking approach.
  • All staff are aware of their responsibilities within our management system standards and are committed to its future success. The company supports the appropriate training to ensure the required skills are to the levels expected. 

This policy statement is communicated to all personnel within the organization and is reviewed at regular intervals.

This policy will be available to our external interested parties where appropriate.